Welcome to
6 Ways Yoga

6 Ways Yoga Intention:

  • To create an environment that is welcoming, peaceful, safe and open.
  • To give space for teachers who are kind, grounded, accepting and compassionate.
  • To support teachers who have the depth to guide classes that leave students feeling positive.
  • To invite people to relax, challenge, transform and feel vibrant.
  • To meet people where they are physically, energetically and emotionally.
  • To attract a community of people who bring out the best in us and themselves.

6 Ways Yoga was created by yoga teacher, Mary Devereux. Mary was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up, she spent lots of time at the beach and doing gymnastics. Mary spent an extensive career in fashion and merchandising. In 2001 Mary entered a yoga studio and fell completely in love with yoga and the way it made her feel.

Mary spent eight years regularly attending yoga classes, while immersed in her fashion career in New York City. Finding yoga an ideal balance to the hectic, long days of corporate life in the city. Mary’s happy place was on a yoga mat.

Mary moved to England at the end of 2009, following her fiancé, a Charlton Kings local. They married on New Years Eve. Moving to another country came with challenges, new experiences and a need to find a path that was inspiring and challenging. With her love of yoga, she embarked on a challenging yoga teaching diploma course with the renowned British Wheel of Yoga. She found a very inspiring, experienced and knowledgable tutor based in Oxford. Through her tutor, Maarten Vermaase, Mary was guided through 500 hours of vigorous training. Maarten Vermasse is a Tibetan Buddhist. Mary continues to train and study with a Maarten attending courses focused on meditation.