We are open for in studio, weekend outdoor yoga and select online zoom classes.

Before visiting the studio please read about the Covid safety measures we have in place. 


Friday Monthly Relax Yoga with Sam

Friday Sep 10th, Oct 8th, Nov 12th, Dec 10th @ 5pm Regular Yoga Pass

Friday gentle yoga and yin with Sam. A nourishing class to begin your weekend. Ease into body with tension releasing movement. Let your breath guide you as you down-regulate your nervous system through slow movement and stillness. Yin invites you to draw your attention deep within, becoming still as you drop into a series of yin poses.

Rest & Restore Autumn with Mary

Saturday September 18th @ 3pm

Allow Mary to invite you into deep rest through the practice of Restorative Yoga. Set your intention on relaxation and well being for mind and body. You will be guided through a series of floor based postures, supported by props (bolsters, blocks, blankets, sand bags). These restorative yoga postures set you up to allow your physical body to relax. A relaxed and still body invites a quieting of your mind, down regulating your nervous system. The benefits are numerous, for your health and well being.


Aroma Yoga Extended with Jeni
Aspirations & Aroma

Saturday October 9th @ 2:30pm

Between the equinox and Samhain, this Aroma Yoga Workshop will hold space for you to sink into your roots and reap the harvest of the summer months. At this time of year we start to let go of the summer months and welcome the winter months: a transition from light to dark, from external to internal, from action to introspection. This time is about flowers turning to fruits, reaping what we have sowed so far this year, and reaching for our aspirations. As such, we will have a mindful practice using meditation, physical yoga practice, with the assistance of powerful and enriching doTERRA Essential Oils. 

This class will run from 2:30pm – 5pm and will include: 

• Introduction and intention setting 
• Guided meditation
• Pranayama (breath practice) 
• Asana (physical yoga practice) 

The Yoga

This Yoga practice will be inspired by the theme of reaping what we have sown over the summer months in order to prepare ourselves for the darker months. We will explore this physically through gently flowing Hatha Asana and Gentle Somatic Yoga. 

This practice will be gentle but also energising and grounding. It is suitable for all levels, beginners included. 

The Aroma

The Oils used in this workshop will assist regulation of the parasympathetic nervous system – the system on the body that keeps you calm, content and able to restore, rest and digest with efficiency. Using only the purest and most beneficial oils – doTERRA Pure Natural Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils including Frankincense: the king of Essential Oils and the oil of warriors; Cedarwood for grounding and calming the nerves; Wild Orange to bring joy and to remind us of the sunshine; and Balance: a blend which includes centring Frankincense, soothing Blue Chamomile and grounding Ho Wood.


Extended Yin ‘Nourish’ with Sam

Saturday October 16th @ 3pm

In this autumn extended Yin class Sam will guide you through a series of floor based, longer held, Yin postures, encouraging the use of props to support you as you invite stillness, softness and ease, prompting a sense of mindfulness and wellbeing.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn is the season to nourish your Lung Qi, to invite in what you need to sustain you, and let go of what you no longer need, what depletes you. We will explore this aspect of TCM during this specially themed class.

A practice suitable for anyone new to the practice of Yin yoga. Guidance and alternatives will be offered.


Christmas Extended Yin by Candlelight with Sam

Saturday December 18th @ 3pm

The Christmas season can sometimes be hectic, stressful, exhausting. This Christmas make some time just for you, allow yourself the opportunity to nourish your body, to calm your mind, with an extended pre Christmas Yin yoga practice at our beautiful boutique studio, illuminated by candlelight.

Sam will guide you through a series of floor based extended Yin postures, moving into your body’s deepest tissue layers, promoting a sense of mindfulness whilst supporting wellbeing. Leave rested, relaxed and restored.

A practice suitable for anyone new to the practice of Yin yoga. Guidance and alternatives will be offered.

Christmas Candlelight Yoga with Mary

Friday December 24th @ 6:30pm

Celebrate the season with gentle yoga by candlelight. We’ll finish in a few restorative postures using props, inviting you into deep relaxation.