Mary Devereux

Mary has been teaching yoga in Cheltenham since 2013. She continues to enhance her knowledge by regularly attending trainings and intensives. In addition to her main training, Mary holds certificates to teach restorative yoga, yin yoga, pregnancy yoga and well woman yoga. In 2019, Mary will complete her third course in restorative yoga. She’s been fortunate to train with world renowned teachers, including Judith Lasater, Roger Cole, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

Mary’s classes are welcoming and lighthearted. They are built around creating classes that are well rounded, mixing challenge with gentle aspects. Pranayama (breath control practices) and continued awareness of breath are a key components.

Mary has created a serene boutique yoga studio to provide the benefits of yoga to the Charlton Kings community.

Rosie Wooler

Rosie has been practicing yoga since her teens, when she used it as a tool for healing, a method of escape and relaxation. She believes that yoga should make you feel good and we do that by connecting to who we really are during class. 

Following completing her 200hr teacher training with Ian Davis here in Cheltenham in 2018, in 2019 she will be further training in Ashtanga with Tina James and will also be completing Thai Yoga Massage training. She also continues to deepen her knowledge and experience by attending workshops and reading – Rosie reads a lot and loves books!

Since completing her training Rosie has been teaching Beginners, Hatha and Ashtanga. Rosie lives quite rurally in a wild home exposed to the elements. As such, when you come to a class, expect it to be peppered with nature themes and lessons that Rosie learns day to day from mama Gaia.

Sam Tinkler

I was initially drawn to yoga to complement my gym based fitness. Within a few classes I was hooked, drawn by not only the effect Yoga had on me physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Yoga teaches you how to really listen to, and connect with, your body, your breath, and your mind. This connection is fundamental not only to my own personal practice, but also to my teaching.

Drawing from the flow of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and also the more passive and longer held postures of Yin yoga, my classes include a combination of flowing postures and held postures, to challenge the body in different ways, enabling deeper exploration of the practice and all the positive effects that Yoga brings.

I hope that you will leave my classes feeling not only more flexible, stronger and invigorated, but also calmed, balanced and restored.

Jo Linton

I first tried yoga in the late 90’s but at that time I was more interested in faster paced team sports and quickly moved on. 10 years later while starting a new chapter in France, I decided to take up yoga to meet people. Since then I have been hooked. Yoga has become a huge part of my life, improving my health, fitness and overall wellbeing. I have also made some wonderful friends along the way.

In 2018 I completed my 200hr teacher training with Ian Davis in Cheltenham. Since then I have been teaching yoga with a vinyasa feel. I adore flowing mindfully from one pose to the next and letting life’s stresses and strains drift away, with some longer holds to build strength and always ending a class with a restorative relaxation. Overall I hope you have fun in my classes and leave feeling you have had some time for just you.

Helena Hilltout

Helena means in ancient Greek ‘Bringer of Light’.

She grew up in Clifton, Bristol, spent time in Ecuador, Japan and Belgium, though her main home is Cheltenham. Whilst living in Japan as a young woman she was influenced by their Buddhist and Shinto traditions.

Back in England Helena trained as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor. This lead to her interest about how the mind effects the body and vice versa, and I became a Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapist. Following this Helena’s wellbeing and happiness profoundly shifted when then studied Nutritional Healing.

Her regular Yoga practise progressed to her training in India as a teacher. She is very grateful to her Yoga teachers in India for inspiring her to share her light, be authentic and live her life with purpose and service.
Helena loves teaching Yoga and Meditation. For her Yoga is a lifestyle, She does not just teach a set of stretches, She shares ways of releasing tension, connecting to yourself, becoming more spiritual, mindful, confident, kind and compassionate.

Sæunn Rut Saevarsdottir

Sæunn is a Product Design Engineer turned Yoga Teacher from Iceland. She has been fascinated by movement from an early age having spent most of her younger years focused on dancing. She veered slightly off that movement based path when she pursued her university degree but soon found her way back when she discovered the magic of yoga.

Having some remnants of flexibility from her dancing days Sæunn found it perhaps a bit too easy to get into some of the more advanced yoga postures and soon realised the importance of stability along with flexibility. Since then she has been passionate about infusing her practice and her classes with lots of strengthening moves. Gracefully floating between stretch and strength in a playful almost dance-like practice before collapsing into a blissful Savasana.