*** Please note we are not holding classes at our studio due to Covid-19. ***

We are pleased to be running a number of remote classes via the Zoom app.
£5 for one class, £36 for 8 classes. Click here to view and book any of our remote classes.

Alternatively, why not try one of our videos that you can use to help you practice yoga at home, at a time that suits you. Click here to read more.


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We run a growing number of weekly classes at 6 Ways Yoga.
You can read more about the different types of class further down this page.
Drop-in price is £10 per class.

We also offer a number of multi-class passes.
10 class pass £80 / 20 class pass £140 / Monthly unlimited classes £70
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Monday 10am-11:15am: Hatha Yoga with Mary

Monday 6pm-7:15pm: Yin Yoga with Mary

Tuesday 9.30am-10.45am: Flow Yoga with Saeunn

Tuesday 11.15am-12.30pm: Hatha Flow with Mary

Tuesday 6pm-7:15pm: Hatha Yoga with Mary

Tuesday 7.30pm-8.30pm: Beginners Yoga with Helena

Wednesday 10am-11:15am: Hatha Yoga with Sam

Wednesday 12pm-1:15pm: Gentle Flow with Katie (Starts 25/3 – free taster 25/3)

Wednesday 5:30pm-6:45pm: Pregnancy yoga with Lucy

Wednesday 7:30pm-8.30pm: Hatha Flow with Lucy

Thursday 9.30am-10.30am: Flow Yoga with Reut Sapir 

Thursday 10.45am-11.45am: Hatha Yoga with Reut Sapir

Thursday 5.45pm-6.45pm: Flow Yoga with Sam

Fridays 10am-11.15am: Hatha with Jo Fellows

Friday 5.15pm-6.30pm: Hatha Yoga with Jeni (£10 drop in or email jeni@amberwellness.net to book)

Friday 6.30pm-7.45pm: Somatic Yoga with Jeni (£10 drop in or email jeni@amberwellness.net to book)

Saturday 10am-11:15am: Flow Yoga with Rosie

Saturday 11.30am-12.30pm – Beginners Yoga with Helena

Sunday 10.30am-11.45am: Flow Yoga with Helena

Sunday 5pm-6:15pm: Yin Yoga with Sam


Mother’s Day Yin+Restore with Mary
Saturday March 21, 2:30-4:15pm (£15) 
Mother’s Day weekend let Mary guide you through a practice including elements of yin yoga, restorative yoga and guided relaxation. Take some time for you. Maybe bring someone special along. Booking essential.

Restore & Relax with Mary
(£15, 90 minutes)
Join Mary for an experience of complete rest and relaxation.
New dates TBC

Join Sam Tinkler for a 2 hour extended Yin Yoga class to celebrate the summer solstice
Saturday 20th June 2020, 2-4pm (£17)
Pre booking advisable as places are limited.

Summer solstice represents the longest day of the year, marks the end of spring and the start of summer, and invites us to reconnect with nature. 

The practice of Yin yoga, working the deeper connective tissues of the body, allows us to pause, to soften, to bring more awareness to our body, our breath and our mind. Through these longer held postures we can honour the sun, connect with the earth, and bring harmony and balance for the new season.

All of our classes are based in Hatha Yoga:  HA-sun and THA-moon. A balance of opposing forces, sun/fiery/dynamic WITH moon/cool/calm. Click on the titles to read more about each.

A workshop for anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice; bringing the philosophy of yoga viscerally alive into our own experience. Lucy Crisfield, speaker at the World Yoga Festival and plenary speaker at the British Wheel of Yoga London festival, will be bringing the ‘Sounds of Sanskrit ~ the language of yoga’ to Cheltenham.

Experience the Yoga Sūtras, the śiva sūtras and the 16 divine mothers. How do you pronounce the bīja mantraḥ, and what is the true significance of the mystical sound oṁ?

Sound is the most profound medium through which to effect spiritual transformation; it cannot be separated from the path of yoga. Experience the connection between the Sanskrit letters and the elements and open ourselves up to the profound depths of the mantraḥ tradition.

Deepen our connection to yoga by immersing ourselves in the sounds in which the tradition was created.

Lucy brings the teachings of yoga philosophy, mantra meditation and the Sanskrit language to life in a practical, focused and joyful manner, creating space for people to connect with their own wisdom. She runs courses, gives talks and workshops and teaches the philosophy element on yoga teacher trainings throughout the UK. Lucy teaches at the World Yoga Festival  and is currently writing a book, ‘The Sounds of Sanskrit ~ the language of yoga’.

You will be guided through breath awareness, breath practices, fundamental postures, alignment, the use of props and putting it all together. The class will cover floor based postures, standing postures, balancing postures and linking postures in sequences. Suitable for anyone new to yoga, or anyone wanting to simplify and take time to experience slowing down and focusing on the beauty of the foundations of yoga practice.

Part one of a series of workshops, this pregnancy workshop will focus on the Earth Element. The Earth Element represents our physical body and we will focus on becoming attuned with the qualities of the earth. The Earth Element has properties of feeling grounded, connected, nurturing and a sense of anchoring. Properties that remind us of pregnancy and motherhood. A journey of feeling more connected to your body and embracing it all.

During pregnancy, it is important to learn how to adapt to the many changes your body goes through. This workshop will teach you how to increase your physical and breath awareness; and develop an understanding and a sensitive response to the adaptations your body makes.

Through special yogic breathing techniques and movement, we will focus on a healthy range of motions in pregnancy, increase vitality, strengthen your body, poses for a healthy strong pelvis along with pelvic floor exercises and finishing with a relaxing Yoga Nidra.

Reut Sapir is a naturopath, yoga teacher and a mother to baby Ethan. Through her experience and lifestyle as a naturopath, she believes in a holistic approach that incorporates your body and mind and using food and wellbeing as a tool to healing. Her special interest in female health led her to become a pregnancy yoga teacher and is excited to share her firsthand experience of the impact yoga had on her pregnancy, labour and post-natal journey.

This class should be named The Big Stretch. It is slow and luxurious. We mobilise joints, stretch muscles, gently strengthen bones, using the breath as an anchor. This class will encourage a break from the chattering of the mind and invite you to let go of holding and tension. We’ll always finish with a few welcome restorative postures. Leave the studio feeling blissful. 
This class moves at a relaxed pace. Each student is encouraged to practice in a way that supports where they are, along with being open to moving in a way that challenges you.  We aim to balance the body and mind by practicing asana (yoga postures), along with subtle practices relating to both sun (energetic) and moon (quiet) energies. Asana (postures) practice will stretch, strengthen and mobilise the physical body. Breath awareness anchors the class. We practice grounding movement in joint freeing and stretching, along with energising standing poses. Classes include flowing on the breath dynamically between poses, as well as longer more challenging holds. Pranayama is practiced to bring awareness and control of breathing, and focus to the mind. We love using props to support this class. Relaxation will be a welcome release all all effort. You’ll leave this class feeling both peaceful and energetic.  

The moon is powerful. It moves our oceans and influences many living creatures on earth, including us!

The new moon is the start of a fresh cycle, one of many rebirths. We can use this special time of the month to set intentions for the month ahead and let go of the old that no longer serves us.

Your yoga practice can support you during this time to give you the space to restore energy and work out the kinks of the days passed.

Pregnancy yoga is a class for expectant mums from 12 weeks to birth. This class is designed to move through your body in a safe and supported way. The class includes breathing practices to help connect you to the power and wisdom of your breath. You can use connection to your breath to ease anxiety, and foster a sense of feeling grounded. You will practice breathing for labour. Feel a deep connection to your growing baby. Share your pregnancy journey with other mums to be by joining together in yoga practice. This class will help keep your body strong, mobile and healthy as your bump grows.

Restorative yoga uses yoga props to support the body, allowing the body to relax and the mind to take a break. Restorative yoga is shown to soothe and balance the nervous system, improve sleep, ease sore muscles and joints, encourage mindfulness and ease anxiety. You will leave the studio feeling rested and blissful. £15, pre booking required as space is limited. 

Somatic Movement, also known as Hanna Somatics, is a system of neuro muscular reprogramming based on the theory of Sensory Motor Amnesia – SMA. SMA occurs when conscious and controlled movement becomes habitual movement patterns. As our sensory motor system responds to daily stresses and traumas, our muscles respond with specific muscular reflex patterns. Over time, if these reflexes are continuously triggered, we can develop habitual movement patterns which we cease to be able to consciously control, hence “amnesia” of the sensory motor system. SMA can be caused by this repetition of muscular reflex or it can occur as a result of physical injury or trauma or as a result of structural misalignments.

In any case, Hanna Somatics is the system whereby you can learn to regain regain control of your mobility, enabling you to release held muscular contractions, recognise your tendency to muscular reflex patterns and thus relieve pain and tension throughout the body.

Flow Yoga is characterised by stringing postures together using the seamless connection to the breath. Using the combination of movement and breath cultivates deep awareness. Flow Yoga classes include grounding and easing into the body to start, and breath practices to foster connection of mind and body.

Once the class gets going it can be a dynamic practice. Flow Yoga moves at the pace of the inhale and exhale, and can also includes postures held for a few breaths. Classes finish in a luxurious relaxation, where we release all effort and allow the body and mind to rest.

Yin is a floor based practice that deeply stretches the body, easing the deep connective tissue (facia). Postures are held for 2-5 minutes. You practice at your own level. Sam will offer propping options to support you. Your yin practice will end in a deep, soft relaxation. Yin leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


You’ll hear this as the teacher closes class. Namaste: The light in me honours the light in you.